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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

That was the year that was 1 - Travel

Well,I've come to the end of a brilliant year for travel so I thought I'd do a quick summing up before it starts again in the new year.

January kicked off with the yearly trip to MIDEM in Cannes...


...this is the wallpaper on my Blackberry. It's always a treat to get some early sun, although I remember one year we saw snow falling on la Croisette!!!

Then Gibraltar...


...where I was suprised to find that The Rock itself faces the other way to how I expected it. Lovely weather!!!

Then over to the USA in April, starting in Santa Monica...


...flight to Las Vegas for NAB...


...The Grand Canyon...


Then San Diego...


Train to Oceanside...


Train to Los Angeles staying in Beverley Hills...


...and then home. All in all a fantastic experence and good for biz too!!!

Back to Cannes for a short summer break...


Interspersed with several trips to Dublin...




...and short breaks in Wales and the Cotswolds.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Other TV shows with my music!!!

Sorry, bit of a list this, but here are some more shows with my music on over the next week or so...

The Hottest Place On Earth
Saturday 5th December on BBC HD

Highland Emergency
Wed, 2nd December, 7:30pm FIVE etc...

So You Think You're Royal?
Mon, 30th, 12:30pm Sky3
Tue, 1st, 12:30pm Sky3
Wed, 2nd, 12:30pm Sky3
Thu, 3rd, 4:20am Sky1
Thu, 3rd, 4:20am Sky1 HD
Thu, 3rd, 12:30pm Sky3
Fri, 4th, 4:15am Sky1
Fri, 4th, 4:15am Sky1 HD
Fri, 4th, 12:30pm Sky3
Sat, 5th, 4:15am Sky1
Sat, 5th, 4:15am Sky1 HD etc...

Airline USA
Tue, 1st, 10am ITV2
Tue, 1st, 11am ITV2+1
Tue, 1st, 1pm ITV2
Tue, 1st, 2pm ITV2+1
Fri, 4th, 10am ITV2
Fri, 4th, 11am ITV2+1
Fri, 4th, 1pm ITV2
Fri, 4th, 2pm ITV2+1
Wed, 2nd, 10am ITV2
Wed, 2nd, 11am ITV2+1
Thu, 3rd, 10am ITV2
Thu, 3rd, 11am ITV2+1 etc...

New Home DIY
Mon, 30th, 5pm Discovery Shed
Mon, 30th, 5:30pm2 Discovery Shed
Tue, 1st, 12pm Discovery Shed
Tue, 1st, 12:30pm Discovery Shed
Tue, 1st, 5pm Discovery Shed
Tue, 1st, 5:30pm Discovery Shed
Wed, 2nd, 4:40am Discovery Shed
Wed, 2nd, 5:05am Discovery Shed
Wed, 2nd, 12pm2 Discovery Shed
Wed, 2nd, 12:30pm Discovery Shed
Wed, 2nd, 5pm Discovery Shed
Wed, 2nd, 5:30pm Discovery Shed
Thu, 3rd, 4:40am Discovery Shed
Thu, 3rd, 5:05am Discovery Shed
Thu, 3rd, 12pm Discovery Shed
Thu, 3rd, 12:30pm Discovery Shed
Thu, 3rd, 5pm Discovery Shed
Thu, 3rd, 5:30pm Discovery Shed
Fri, 4th, 4:40am Discovery Shed
Fri, 4th, 5:05am Discovery Shed
Fri, 4th, 12pm Discovery Shed
Fri, 4th, 12:30pm Discovery Shed
Fri, 4th, 5pm Discovery Shed
Fri, 4th, 5:30pm Discovery Shed
Sat, 5th, 4:40am Discovery Shed
Sat, 5th, 5:05am Discovery Shed etc...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Knut And Friends on Eden

Knut and Friends
A look at the progress of a baby polar bear at Berlin Zoo. Knut is hand-reared from a guinea pig-sized baby into a 28-kilo fighter. But how will it cope with becoming a celebrity?
On at 4.00pm on Monday 21st December on Eden
On at 5.00pm on Monday 21st December on Eden +1
On at 8.00pm on Monday 21st December on Eden
On at 9.00pm on Monday 21st December on Eden +1

Hell On Earth Eden Dates

Hell On Earth on Eden dates as promised...

Hell On Earth, 1
Experts venture into Ethiopia's Danakil desert to find out how the indigenous people survive in the hottest place on earth. Kate Humble looks at how tough life is for an Afar woman.
On at 11.00am on Wednesday 16th December on Eden
On at 12.00pm on Wednesday 16th December on Eden +1
On at 7.00pm on Wednesday 16th December on Eden
On at 8.00pm on Wednesday 16th December on Eden +1
On at 12.00am on Thursday 17th December on Eden
On at 1.00am on Thursday 17th December on Eden +1

Hell On Earth, 2
A team of explorers brave the scorching temperatures of the Danakil desert in Ethiopia. Here, Steve Leonard learns about the relationship between the Afar people and their animals.
On at 11.00am on Thursday 17th December on Eden
On at 12.00pm on Thursday 17th December on Eden +1
On at 7.00pm on Thursday 17th December on Eden
On at 8.00pm on Thursday 17th December on Eden +1
On at 12.00am on Friday 18th December on Eden
On at 1.00am on Friday 18th December on Eden +1

Hell On Earth, 3
A team of experts explore Ethiopia's Danakil desert and investigate its incredible geology. Dr Mukul Agarwal looks at the health issues faced in this most hostile of environments.
On at 11.00am on Friday 18th December on Eden
On at 12.00pm on Friday 18th December on Eden +1
On at 7.00pm on Friday 18th December on Eden
On at 8.00pm on Friday 18th December on Eden +1
On at 12.00am on Saturday 19th December on Eden
On at 1.00am on Saturday 19th December on Eden +1

More repeats on Eden in January 2010!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hell On Earth

Hell On Earth has been showing on Eden...

...I'll come back with dates and times soon.

Will be finishing the Giant Octopus wildlife film 5.1 mix at the end of next week...Am in London today, but will be spotting the final music on the Blackberry...Amazing what you can do with twchnology these days!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Spent a couple of happy days in deepest, darkest Norfolk with Dr. Eric James at his facility, Philosophers Barn. Eric recorded our virtuoso album at The Old Granary in Suffolk and we're now producing and editing it to make the finished product.

It's very intensive work...There are various takes to go through and unlike working with a sequencer, where all takes are lined up at the same point, you have to track where you are on the on screen waveform with the sheet music. It takes a while to get into the swing of it with each new piece, but we're getting there. One more visit should complete all the the work.

It's a great facility and I can highly recommend them for recording, editing and mastering...Here's their website...

URM Audio website

Philosophers Barn website

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've done a fair few miles around the UK recently. First to Wales for a family birthday via Thornbury Castle near Bristol. Very nice hotel...Henry VII and Anne Boleyn stayed there once, but I went through all the drawers and I coudn't find anything they'd left behind. Rather like Henry VIII too, I coudn't
get the modem working, so I had to tether the computer to the Blackberry to get online.

No chance of that where we stayed in Wales which was incredibly remote...Amazing countryside. We went through Brecon.

Our journey home took us right past the Elgar Birthplace Museum near Worcester which was very inspiring. We thought that the old boy himself had put in an appearance when a lady let out a shrill scream, but she'd actually only got her stilletto heel stuck between the floorboards!!!

Here he is conducting one of his top tunes...

Elgar Birthplace Museum website

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just back from a very rainy trip to Dublin to promote my music. As I'm spending more timeover there, I decided to join the Odessa Club which is a nice little spot in Dame Street...Looking forward to going back soon!!!

Lots of composing at the moment and also editing our virtuoso disk next week in deepest Norfolk!!!

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Just finishing work on the wildlife film...Just the 5.1 surround sound mixes to finish...Have just been commissioned to write music for three TV series...More news soon!!!

I've been practising the five-string banjo for one of the new commissions...Great fun!!!

Monday, September 07, 2009

New online showreels

My new showreels are available online...Link over on the right side bar.

I decided to group the clips in three sections, Film/drama, Documentary and Entertainment...Whittling them down to a decent size was very tricky and I hope that I managed to pick the best bits!!! :-)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

View from the top

View from the top
Originally uploaded by garry.judd

Here's a view from the top of Centre Point, 385 feet above central London. I joined PARAMOUNT which is a fantastic private members' club and event space. It's right in the heart of the West End and is a great place for meetings or for a quiet coffee...It has a fantastic restaurant too!!!

Just had a commission in...A wildlife film about the giant octopus, which needs otherworldly and exciting music...All a bit hectic as I'm working in Dublin next week and have to work around that!!!

I've been looking at various computers and software for a new killer music laptop. The ideas is that it will be the centre of the main refurbished studio, but that it can also be pulled out and be a mobile set up for when I'm travelling. I've had a few interesting meetings which might mean starting work on things overseas and then finishing the recording at home, so this sort of set up would be ideal!!!

I'm also reading 'Gestes Et Opinions Du Docteur Faustroll, 'Pataphysicien' in French...This may take some time !!! :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Garry's short film festival part 2

David Fynn's study of the life of Sarah, a brave woman who has grown a large handlebar moustache...

Richard Geefe is locked out of his flat. With help from a stroppy neighbour, a dodgy locksmith and the police, will he get back in? [Contains strong language]...

...and finally, some bonus footage from Tommy The Tungsten robot...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Garry's short film festival

I've recently written music for some short films so I thought I'd put them here.

The first one is an Australian short which used some of my music throughout, but most noticably at the end. In this thriller, a young woman finds herself being stalked by a mysterious man. "Beyond Words" was a 2009 Tropfest Australia Finalist. Special thanks to my Australian sub-publisher, Fable Music.

Director: Armand De Saint-Salvy

Next is Tommy The Tungsten Robot by Eddie Green for Jasmine Allen Productions. Tommy is an abandoned robot living as an outcast in modern society. This short film by acclaimed director Eddie Green BA(hons) explores how Tommy's actions affect those around him.



Another two films coming soon and I'm already on standby for another three which are in pre-production.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Even more repeats!!!

Robbie Coltrane's B-Road Britain

The Hottest Place On Earth

Details on the right hand sidebar.

Other News: Currently producing our upcoming classical disk, writing for the next Artful releases and preparing for two short films which I'll be scoring soon.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

YouTube YouTube

I've noticed that there are a lot of TV shows and films I've written the music for on Youtube, so I've put together a channel and gathered them all together in one place...Please let me know if you find any more!!!

Garry's YouTube Channel

Monday, June 22, 2009

On Vacation

It's the time of year for summer hols...Just back from a short break in my favourite place in the Cotswolds. Nice to have a bit of a break, as it's been a busy few weeks.

Shortly going for a long weekend in Cannes to (hopefully) see some proper sun and then off to see Spinal Tap at Wembley...Should be good fun!!! We discovered how nice Cannes was on our regular trip to MIDEM each January when it's so nice to have a break from English weather.

Back to business...Dating The Enemy (see sidebar for TX details) featuring my original theme music is still showing...A longer run than I expected!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Artful website


The new Artful Production Music website has been up and running for some time now. Its much easier to use and now features project folders for registered users. If you need MCPS registered production music, then please check it out. New easier to se and better value rate cart from the MCPS is available HERE. You'll notice that the MCPS has been rebranded as PRS FOR MUSIC.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Dating The Enemy

New series of Dating The Enemy (see sidebar for TX details) featuring my original theme music is now showing.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A busy week!!!

Fantastic session last week in the depths of the Suffolk countryside...Here is a pic of the studio...

...very rural as you can see. Here are my lodgings...

Classical production is very intensive what with reading the music, listening for birds/aeroplanes, keeping the artiste filled up with Earl Grey tea etc... So I didn't have much time for taking photos or Twittering, but it was a wonderful time with some fantastic music making. I've got a lot of post production to do on the recordings, so more details will follow when we're nearly ready for release.

I spoke to the director of Highland Emergency last week...The second series has been pencilled in for broadcast beginning on 22nd June on C5.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After a day of meetings in London yesterday, had a great day today knuckling down to compose some pieces for the next Artful release and a couple of solo Artful disks for release later this year. I'll be taking these with me (as well as my Sibelius scoring set up) for editing during breaks in next weeks recording session.

This session is really exciting!!! Artful has recently been lucky to publish and release music by some of the best rock and Jazz musicians and composers...Now, we're about to record one of the worlds best classical musicians for release on an Artful disk. I'd rather keep who this is under my hat until the music is at least in post production, but I can say that this person has received many international awards and honours and is world renowned for musicianship and scolarship.

We're booked into a beautiful recording studio which is hidden away in the east of England countryside and I'm looking forward to an inspirational time.

As you can see from the sidebar, there are plenty of TV repeats containing my music and there are signs of a new commission coming soon.

Monday, May 04, 2009


Just back from a trip to the USA, mainly to go to the NAB show in Las Vegas. Also took the opporunity to meet up with some friends in Beverly Hills and surprise my Auntie on her 84th birthday near San Diego!!!

The NAB show was great...Met up with some old friends and also some sub-publishers I've been working with for years, but have never met. I also had the opportunity to have a quick play with the latest Euphonix DAW controllers which I'm thinking about getting for my latest main studio refurb.

My current set up (based around a Yamaha 01x) would become a mobile set up and I'd also keep 'Studio 2' at the office, which is a Sibelius set up for score writing.

Loved the USA and will be visiting again very soon!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Hottest Place On Earth, Sunday 7pm BBC1

A clip from the show made it onto Harry Hills TV Burp this week!!!

Nice upgrade skillz!!!

Originally uploaded by garry.judd

Got upgraded to this lovely suite on my latest visit to Ireland. The Merrion Hotel is our Dublin base :-) It's a fantastic hotel with a lovely restaurant and bar in the cellars as well as a great lounge bar and the Patrick Guilbaud Restaurant which produced some fantastic vegan food for me.

Had a fantastic time and made lots of new contacts.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tommy screens at Portobello Film Festival

Tommy The Tungsten Robot will be screened at the Portobello Film Festival 31st March from 6PM. Tommy was directed by Eddie Green and is a Jasmine Allen Production (www.jasmineallen.com) with music by ME!!!

Inn on the Green
3 Thorpe Close, London
W10 5XL

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Hottest Place On Earth - BBC1

"It's one of the most extreme regions on the planet, where daily high temperatures reach 60°C and the land is torn apart by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Danakil desert in Northern Ethiopia is home to the nomadic Afar people – reputedly one of the toughest tribes in Africa. The area also happens to be a disputed border zone with Eritrea .

The Hottest Place on Earth is a major two x one-hour BBC / Discovery co-production produced by Lion TV. Presented by Kate Humble with vet Steve Leonard, and geologist Dougal Jerram, the programme investigates how people, animal and plant life manage to live in such a hostile environment."

Showing on BBC1 on Thursday 19th March and Thursday 26th March at 9pm.

All music by ME!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Zealand

Just found out about some shows I wrote for being shown on the Living Channel in New Zealand...

Mission Africa

Here's a link to the Living Channel www.livingchannel.co.nz

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More repeats!!!

One of the great things about writing for TV is that programmes are repeated, quite often some time after they were made, so it's a nice reminder of music which I've written which I'd long forgotten!!! Here are a couple I spotted in the TV schedule...

New Home DIY is on all day on Discovery Real Time Extra on Saturday 21st February.

Rubble Trouble with Dominik Diamond is on Discovery Realtime from 6am to 8am Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th February.