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Friday, November 18, 2005

MIDEM 2006

I've just put the finishing touches to travel and accomodation details for my first visit to MIDEM in Cannes next year...

Which is an international music conference.

I'm really excited about it. I've already arranged to meet our Artful Recorded Music Library distributors from Japan and Taiwan who we have known for a long time but never met. I'm also hoping to meet people from new and exciting territories for the library, as well as some new contacts for licensing Chillville tracks to.

Here are a few details from out MIDEM website page...

SMOOTH MINIMALS (ARTFCD18) from The Artful Recorded Music Library is a collection of electronic and acoustic minimalist themes and atmospheres for science, mystery, landscapes and documentaries. Includes 0:29 versions. 50 tracks.


No Mans Land

Double Helix

Stake Out

CINEMATIC (ARTFCD20) from The Artful Recorded Music Library contains a wide variety of orchestral themes for drama, whimsy, action, adventure and emotion. Includes 0:29 versions. 50 tracks.

Town And Country

Rustic Dance

In The Shadows

I've started a special MIDEM blog over HERE so please pop over there for updates as time goes on!!!

I'll be posting write ups on our Paris and Dublin trips soon.