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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lumber yard

We're hoping to be self-sufficient in logs this winter at Tumbledown, so we recently took delivery of a chainsaw, a saw bench, a log-splitting maul and all the relevant safety equipment. We've got plenty of raw material stored up due to a couple of tree fellings and the damage caused by the storm a few weeks ago.

While I'm on the subject of the storm, we also got hold of some kit which will help if ever we're out of power for a few days. We got a portable gas ring and a generator which is powerful enough to run the studio and domestic electrics as well as providing power for the septic tank air and water pump should we need it again.

Anyway, we had a logging session last weekend and managed to get a good stock of wood prepared. Splitting logs with the maul is very satisfying!!! :-) A fair bit is ready for use now, but we'll have a lot for seasoning which should be ready for next winter. Lovely!!!

I'm editing my next album for Artful, Smooth Minimals 2 and have just completed something I thought I'd never get to do...Arrange a piece for male voice choir. It's been a fantastic experience and a great brush up exercise on my four part harmony skills.

My albums, The Age Of Steam and The Book Of Knowledge as well as the I Am Forecasting Sun EP by The Essence (me!!!) are queued up for release in the iTunes store...More news soon.

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Airline USA is all over the Sky Living schedule at the moment.