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Monday, March 03, 2014

I've got a Mac...And a ThatchPatch!!!

The studio Synergy rack-mounted PC was beginning to creak a bit, so I'd been thinking about a replacement for some time. Eric James of Philosophers Barn Mastering had piqued my interest in a piece of organisational software called Curio which only runs on Mac, so I began to think about going Mac in the studio. Even better, I wondered if the MacBook Air 11 inch would be powerful enough to run the studio and also serve as a portable set up when I'm travelling.

So after bending the ears of several musician friends and the staff of the Apple Store, I am the proud new owner of a souped-up MBA (8GB RAM, 500 flash memory, 256 cache and 1.7 processor). It runs Sibelius with ease and I'm gradually getting a nice set up together for Cubase. Getting some of my favourite old instruments up and running has been a bit of a task as I've been leaning the new OS as I've been going along, but it all seems very stable. I was told that there's a fan inside the computer which comes on if things get a bit hectic, but it's not happened yet.

So, now I have a set up which I can pop in the bag I bought in the Apple Store in Santa Monica last year, before I had an inkling that I'd be using a Mac for music, which can also connect up to the studio with one Thunderbolt connector. This runs into a Belkin Express Dock and then into the DAW controller and Saffire Liquid 56 which takes care of audio duties in the studio.

In amongst all these changes, I finished the latest revamp of the theme music for Wales This Week...First episode of the season starts Monday 3rd March...More details and a video sample HERE

I'll be travelling to the US again in April, starting in Los Angeles for a couple of days and then to Las Vegas for NAB via San Diego to visit family. If you're going to NAB and we've not scheduled a meeting, please send me an email.

The picture above is of the back of the thatch...This is a temporary patch which will last us through to the full job in two years time. It was quite fascinating watching the thatcher go about his business.

Spring is happening here in the UK, but there are forecasts of colder weather before we're into Summer. We have a huge amount of bonfire material due to several trees coming down in the high winds. We're waiting for the wind to be in the right direction before we can spark it up.

TX dates...

Wales This Week begins a new season at 8pm on ITV on Monday, 3rd March.

Airline USA continues on Sky 1 and Sky LivingIt.

Giant Octopus is on at 2pm on Nat Geo Wild on Saturday 8th March.