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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tumbledown snowdrops

The recent warm weather has woken some of the plants in the garden. Here are some snowdrops...Other bulbs are on the move and some leaves are already sprouting from some of the shrubs.

We spotted our first Bullfinches since we've been here and the Greater Spotted Woodpecker has made an appearance after being heard tapping away for a few days around the village.

I've been very busy in the studio...A pilot I wrote the music for was filmed at BBC Television Centre last week and I heard yesterday that a feature film I wrote some music for will be shown at the London Independent Film Festival in April.

TX Dates...

Giant Octopus is on Nat Geo Wild (and HD) on 31st Jan at 10pm, 4th Feb at 11pm and 5th Feb at 2pm.

My Cypriot Kitchen is often on Discovery Travel & Living.

The Water Boatman regularly shows on Discovery Shed.

Airline USA is still playing on weekday evenings at 8pm and 8.30pm (ET) on Lifetime (LRM) in the US.

Online drama Signs Of Life can be found at www.bbc.co.uk/signsoflife .

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The beginning of a very mild new year...Here is a pic of some of our log supplies should the weather get colder!!!

We're going ahead with buying a piece of land next to the cottage...We have various ideas of what to do with it. One of the main plans is to have a woodland section where we'll store and season logs and kindling. We should be able to provide quite a lot of fuel of our own from maintainance of the various trees and shrubs we have.

Xmas was fun in the village with a pub quiz and carol singing taking place as well as some lovely times with family and friends.

So, into 2012 with a couple of interesting film, radio and TV projects on the go as well as a new Chillville release and some Artful releases bubbling along too. I'm also working on an orchestral piece, Harvest Sun (Through Combine Dust) and a string quartet version of the Hertfordshire folksong, 'John Rand.'

I've also set up a website for Tumbledown Studio, where I write and record my music which is HERE.

Plenty of shows with my music are on TV right now...I'll list a few in my next blog.