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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Land ahoy!!!

The new land has finally been purchased...That's some of it behind the fenceposts there. We're planning a greenhouse and shed, vegetable plot, wildflower meadow and woodland area. Lots of work to do!!!

We've just returned from a promo trip to Dublin and were pleased to hear some of my music on a radio advert and also to see Airline USA showing on TV3. It was also great to see a good amount of my music being used on RTÉ and other Irish programming.

TX dates...

The Water Boatman continues each day on Discovery (times vary).

Airline USA is showing on TV3 in Ireland.

Radio Bialyistock news Bulletins and Czech radio throughout the day.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


The alternating downpours and sunshine have made the garden grow like a mad thing!!! Here's our veg plot...We've had leeks, broadbeans and salsify from it already and we picked the rest of the parsnips for wine at the weekend. The house was filled with lovely winemaking smells and the liquor is due to have the yeast added this evening. If it's as good as the last lot we made, we'll be very happy.

The front garden is looking lovely...Plenty of flowers coming out and the foliage is now very impressive. We've returned the verge on the other side of the new fence to a proper grass verge.

The village had its Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations at the weekend...the pub decamped to the green for the evening too. Luckily the weather was fantastic, with some bright evening sun which lasted until it set. The pub was selling Weston's Bounds Brand Scrumpy, which is very nice indeed.

There was also a beer festival in a neighbouring village which I cycled over to one afternoon. Luckily, I wore my waterproofs as it rained stair-rods on the way home!!!

I'm getting some really nice comments about the bass sound I'm getting from the TS124 replica by David Pendrill, which I'm experimenting with. I'm planning on driving it with the 610B section of the UA6176, but I need to make up a couple of cannon to cannon leads when I get a moment.

I'm currently finishing three albums for Artful, as well as writing some music for a short film with a brilliant cast (more news soon).

I'm really getting to grips with Omnisphere which is very versatile and good for rhythms as well as pads and evolving sounds.

TX dates...

Giant Octopus will be showing on NatGeoWild and NatGeoWildHD on Saturday 9th June at 2pm.

The Water Boatman is on at the weekend on Discovery Shed at 7.00 and 7.30pm.

The Water Boatman will be showing on Discovery in Australia and New Zealond...More details coming soon!!!