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Monday, April 29, 2013

Greenhouse and TV shows

Here's the new greenhouse installed at Tumbledown. On either side of the path are two 'emergency' beds which have just started sprouting with veg!!!

Here's a list of some of theTV shows I've either written for or have had music on over the past few months...

Pharaohs Who Built Egypt 
1800 Secondes D Extase 
Byggfallan I 
Mutual Of Omaha S Wild Kingdom 
Airline USA 
Bergkvist Harliga Hem 
Platinum Weddings 
Mission Implausible 
Manhunters Fugitive Task Force 
Navajo Cops 
Playschool (Abc) ABC2
Real Emergency Calls 
Call 911 
Britains Hardest 
Cutting Edge 
Parcours Reussi 
Young Sexy And.... 
Death Machines 
How Not To Die
Machines Of Malice
Kaldt Kapplop 
Clean House 
Live Fire 
Factory Made 
How Stuffs Made 
Mountain With Griff Rhys Jones 
Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force 
Central Steam 
Britain Then And Now 
Pharaohs Who Built Egypt
Engineering Ancient Egypt (Parts 1 & 2) 
Child Of Our Time 
Four Weddings 
Close Up 
Child Of Our Time NZ SKY TV - BBC
Four Weddings (USA) NEW ZEALAND TV1
Croisee Des Chemins 
At The Doctors 
True Hollywood Stories
Auction Squad
Rollin With Zach 
Strangers In Danger 
True Crime With Aphrodite Jone 
Krasy Slovenska
Money Programme 
Money Programme:The World According To Google 
Fryslan Dok 
Change The Day You Die 
New Home Diy 
E! Entertainment: E! Investigates 
My Cypriot Kitchen 
Model Gardens 
Ricardo And Friends 
Wanna Come In : Ep 109 
Jesus: The Missing Years 
World S Tallest Children 
It's Me Or The Dog 
Gardeners World 
Lost Jfk Tapes: The Assassination 
Lost Jfk Tapes CANVAS
Emergency Animal Rescue 
Escape From Scorpion Island 
The One Show 
Smithsonian Spotlight 
Body And Brain 
Plane Crash In The Arctic Sea
Better Homes And Gardens
Diet Tribe 
Seaside Rescue 
Machines Of Malice 
Ren Jian Zheng Fa
Freemasons On Trial 
House Hunters 
Dan Patrick Show 
Four Weddings - USA 
Ching's Kitchen 
Location Location Location 
Matched In Manhattan
Paradise Or Bust
Hottest Place On Earth 
Hell On Earth 
Highland Emergency 
Ambush Cook 
Luton Airport 
Totally Australia
Show Me The Funny 
Dalziel And Pascoe 
Osobnosti STV
Royally Astounding: 30 Days That Rocked The Monarc 
Alien Invasion 
When Aliens Attack 
Room Raiders 
Cops With Cameras 
Knut And His Friends 
Yukon Adventure 
Kingdom Of The Forest 
Top Gear 
Country Tracks 
Lost Tribe Of Palau 
The Jonathan Ross Show 
Flog It 
Top Star
Fear Factor
A Wang Xin Chuan
Yummy Yummy
Wild About Prince Harry 
From The Ground Up Get Rich
My Greek Kitchen 
Rubble Trouble 
Mossy Oaks S Hunting The Count 
Mission Africa 
Tuine En Tossels
Gold Plated 
Octopus Volcano
Going Green 
Citizen Duane 
Confessions Of A Teen Idol
Hidden Kingdoms 
Chic Choc 
Me Too 
Escape Form Scorpion Island 
Hobby TV
I Believe In Ghost: Joe Swash 
How Do I Look 
Minute To Win It
Anthony Bourdain No Reservation
Jaakko Ja Maailmanvalloittajat 
Sea Eagle 
Search For The Giant Octopus 
So You Think You're Royal 
Studio 53
Days That Shook The World 
Monkey Business 
Shi Nai Bing Tuan
Renovation Game 
Et Lite Stykke Thailand 
Born Survivor : Bear Grylls 
Wildest Dreams 
I Know My Kid's A Star 
I Know My Kid S A Star TV JOJ
Heli Loggers 
Snow Monkeys
Extreme Animals 
Here's Looking At You 
Scotland's Clans 
Brilliant Creatures

TX dates

Airline Emergency still showing on 5*.

Friday, April 19, 2013

San Diego

Had a fantastic trip to the US to attend NAB in Las Vegas. We met many of our publishers from all
over the world...Great to catch up and renew some old friendships.

We then went to San Diego and Los Angeles for more music meetings...Here's the view from our room overlooking San Diego bay. It's a lovely city which has a lush park (Balboa) with plentiful museums and attractions and beautiful beaches within a mile or two of each other.


Highland Emergency is showing weekdays on 5* at 2pm. Two back to back episodes which are repeated on 5*+1 an hour later.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Charlie Kunz and Vegas...

I've been very quiet on here and Facebook etc... recently as I've been very busy. Apart from musical work (editing and polishing a piano album, writing two albums for Artful, an EP for Chillville, tracks for Gold Leaf and two TV shows), there have been a few things in 'real' life that have taken up a lot of time.

The Charlie Kunz clip above is a tribute to my Father-In-Law who died in February after a long illness. He introduced me to Charlie Kunz's music many years ago and I've loved his playing ever since. Charlie was so popular during World War 2, that it was suspected that the order of the songs he played on the radio during his medleys were some sort of secret code for spies operating behind enemy lines!!!

We are going to NAB in Las Vegas at the beginning of April. This is an audio/visual show/convention and we will be meeting many of our sub-publishers who promote my music overseas. Then it's on to Los Angeles via San Diego for more music meetings.