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Monday, August 01, 2011

The Moleskine Sessions

I reckon that my appreciation of Moleskine notebooks has been noticed by readers of this blog by now. I use the pocket reporter notebook to note down any ideas and reminders and the pocket music notebook for sketches and even complete pieces.

Although I love using Cubase and Sibelius and the various software programs and plugins that are available these days, I find that there is nothing quite like putting pencil to paper, particularly when out and about for getting fresh and novel ideas recorded for later use. I've written a couple of complete pieces in there too…‘The Shipping Forecast On Lundy’ for oboe and string orchestra and ‘That Which Rolls’ for flute, Bb clarinet, harp and string quartet.

Both pieces are very influenced by ‘Pataphysics. I am sure that I will continue to enjoy the writings of Alfred Jarry, but I think that this will be my last '‘Pataphysical pieces' for a while as I feel that it is beginning to get in the way of the music. Here are the pieces presented as photographs of my notebook.

That Which Rolls
...for Flute, Bb clarinet, harp and string quartet.
This was written on and inspired by my cycle journeys around the footpaths and bridleways which are close to where I live.

The Shipping Forecast On Lundy
...for oboe and string orchestra.
Written on the island of Lundy which is in the Bristol Channel. I wrote this three piece suite after hearing the BBC Shipping Forecast and realising that I was in one of the places mentioned.

On TV this week...

Engineering Ancient Egypt, More 4 Sat 6th at 10pm (and +1)
Engineering Ancient Egypt, More 4 Sun 7th at 1.30am (and +1)
My Greek Kitchen and My Cypriot Kitchen continue on Discovery.
The Water Boatman is showing on Discovery Shed on Tuesdays at 10 and 10.30pm.
Central Steam is also on at weekends on Discovery too.

I'm just writing some more music for VenturaFilms and preparing for a visit for musical meetings in Dublin at the end of the month.

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