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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Catch up 2


A lovely city. We went to visit our sub-publishers who we have met a couple of times in London. They a re a really lovely bunch...A family company, who are really great to deal with.. We also met up with our friend Pavel who works for them and he was kind enough to drive us back to the airport after a fantastic lunch in LEHKÁ HLAVA (Clear Head) (Boršov 2/280, Praha 1 - Staré Město, Otevřeno: Po-Ne 11:30-24:00 Tel. rezervace: 222 220 665), a wonderfully strange vegetarian restaurant hidden away in a lovely backstreet. The food was terrific and the atmosphere wonderful (check out the gallery on the website!!! I'm currently writing the music for CRo (Czech broadcasting) regional radio network, so hopefully we'll be back soon. I got the job through our sub-publishers!!!

Paris 2.

A flying visit to check out MusicForProd, a new online system for production music online downloads which was developed by our French sub-publishers. We decided to buy the sustem...You can see it in action at www.artfulproductionmusic.co.uk. I popped up to Montmartre to look at the fantastic view over the city and on my way back to the airport, I managed to fall down the gap between the metro train and the platform!!! Luckily all I damaged was my pride (badly) and my shin (a nasty bump). I am now considerably more careful when getting on and off the tube!!!