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Friday, August 21, 2015

Staffpad again!!!

I was about eight years old when I wrote down my first piece of music...Biro on manuscript paper. By the time I was fourteen and had decided I wanted to be a professional composer, I had become used to pencil on paper and continued writing in that way until now.

My recordings have benefitted from technology since I started writing music for media...MIDI and digital recording have made it possible for me to write and record a huge amount of work over the years.

Now, technology has made it possible for me to write with an active pen onto a tablet to produce beautifully notated scores which, most importantly, can be made to produce parts in a couple of clicks.

So, at this point in this book of continuing experiments, Multiple Field Sketches, Book 2, I'm moving my notational efforts to Staffpad on Microsoft Pro 3.

I just have sixteen bars to fill out before I can upload images of the remaining pencil on paper manuscripts for MFS, but will be continuing on Staffpad until then.

I'll miss sharpening the pencils.

The music above is the first page of "Power Harrow" the first fully non-paper Multiple Field Sketch.