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Saturday, January 23, 2010

MIDEM 2010

I'll be at MIDEM in Cannes next week to meet sub-publishers and friends to catch up with news and to promote the music. Then a few weeks at home before going over to Dublin...Funnily enough, I'm just listening to the Angelus on RTÉ 1 during the Marian Finucane Show.

I'm also in the early stages of moving house which will also mean moving my studio. I prefer to write music at home because of the strange hours it sometime entails to meet tight deadlines,or to get things to people in different time zones. It's a lovely 400 year old thatched cottage on the village green, so I'm thinking of calling the new studio The Village Green Preservation Society in homage to the Kinks, but that might be a bit long!!! I won't say anything more about it for the time being because with the English system of buying a house, you're never sure about moving definitely until contracts have been exchanged...So fingers crossed!!!

The office will remain in Hertford...I have my Sibelius set up there as well as Cubase for edits and emergencies. I've just upgraded to Sibelius 6 which has made it a much simpler program to use. I started a piece for Violin and 'Cello which I'm hoping may be played in Dublin sometime in the future and was inspired enough by Sibelius 6 to start an orchestral overture which will be called Bluebird and is inspired by Malcolm and Donald Campbell's record breaking cars and boats. Apparently, Donald Campbell was a very distant relation of mine.