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Thursday, August 18, 2011


I do have a bit of a one track mind in that I tend to think about music rather a lot!!! However, I do have a few other interests...One being listening to the radio. Ever since I was a small boy, I've enjoyed picking out distant radio broadcasts from the static. This is probably why I find writing music for radio stations so exciting, particularly when they're a long way away...It's exciting to know that my music is being listened to by people around the world!!!

So, I was very excited when Radio Bialystok in Poland asked me to provide music for their 24 hour news bulletins. You can also hear my music on Radio Plzeň, Radio Pardubice, Radio Hradec Králové, Radio Ostrava, Radio Sever and Radio Brno in the Czech Republic. Many thanks to my publishers at Apollo Poland and Studio Fontana for making this possible!!!

I am still enjoying my new hobby of off-road cycling despite nearly falling off in order to avoid running over two foxes and a weasel (not at the same time!!!).

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