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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've been watching the progress with the harvest as I cycle round the footpaths and bridleways. There was a but of a hitch earlier this year when some heavy rain started some new growth under the crops which needed to be dealt with, but the weather has been very good. Bit by bit, the combines have been making their way across the fields, closely followed by the plough.

All this activity has inspired another piece called Harvest Sun...I'll post pics of it when it's finished.

TV news...

Octopus Volcano is running this week on Nat Geo Wild and also on their HD channel.

Wednesday 17th at 2pm
Thursday 18th at 1am
Sunday 12am at 12am

I'd love to know if anyone is watching these in HD with surround sound!!! All the music was mixed in 5.1.

The Water Boatman continues on Discovery Shed on Tuesdays with a double bill starting at 10pm.

My Greek Kitchen is on many times over the weekend on Discovery RT and DMAX.

...and I should have news soon about TX dates for the new series of Highland Emergency.

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