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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cubase 6

As the music I’m working on hasn’t got any serious deadlines, I’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade to Cubase 6. First impressions are very good.
The video handling is much improved, with sizeable windows and no need to specify the type of imported video file. The surround panner has been made larger and has more complex controls. I do miss the ‘in room’ speaker bars, but the mono/stereo input and 5.1 output meters on either side of the ‘room’ will be easy to get used to.

The new Halion Sonic plug-in is very intuitive and has some really nice sounds. The Mediabay is much nicer to look at and the whole look of the package is much softer.

So overall, I’m very pleased with it. My Ultimate Template loaded up without a problem so I’ll be testing it out over the next few weeks for stability.

On the wildlife front, the moorhen chicks are fledging and I think that, having observed the moorhen parents’ ‘behaviour’ recently, I think that there may be another clutch of eggs arriving soon!!!

We’ve spotted a sparrowhawk in the garden, so the smaller birds had better be extra careful and rabbits are becoming braver, but not yet nibbling at the vegetable plot.

The local fete went well in the Mission Hall Field nearby and had good weather although we’ve had lots of rain since. Our village won the tug o’ war!!!

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