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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not Summer yet!!!

This is a double Snake's Head Fritillary we've grown...The petals where they meet are fused together...Very strange!!!

We've had a bit of weather after the lovely warm spell...Things have cooled off, especially at night and we're promised some thundery and rainy weather to come. Not all bad news, as England now has a hosepipe ban because of the drought that has been developing this year. Tumbledown Studio remains quite moist thanks to the clay soil which keeps the water table high, but some rain would still be welcome.

We've been working on the pond now that the front garden has been finished with grass being sown on the verge (still waiting for that to sprout). A lot of the silt and liner has been removed and the banks planted with native Iris. The decking has been taken down and the land revealed will soon be landscaped and planted.

I'm currently working on three albums for Artful while I'm waiting to hear about a couple of new jobs (More news soon) and have been spending my spare time on my experiments in modern pastoralism, which is coming along very nicely...I'll finish the third piece and will post all three on Flickr. I reckon it'll be five or seven movements in all.

TX dates etc...

Highland Emergency and New Highland Emergency is showing every weekday evening on 5* (and on 5*+).

The Limelight, a feature I wrote some music for will be shown at the London Independent Film Festival at 9.30 pm on Friday 20th April 2012.Shortwave is near London Bridge. More details at www.thelimelightmovie.com

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