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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Giant Octopus

Giant Octopus is being shown on Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo Wild HD on Saturday 21st April at 5pm, Sunday 22nd April at 3pm and Monday 23rd April at 3.45am. The music for this was written in 5.1 and to picture.

The pond is now clear of all liner and decking and has been planted with a selection of native plants. Just in time, as the weather has changed to heavy downpoars with sun inbetween...Ideal for growing!!! The grass on the verge has finally germinated and the front boarder is beginning to take off too.

TX dates etc...

Highland Emergency and New Highland Emergency is showing every weekday evening on 5* (and on 5*+).

The Limelight, a feature I wrote some music for will be shown at the London Independent Film Festival at 9.30 pm on Friday 20th April 2012

New Home DIY is showing all week except Sunday on Discovery and a double showing of Central Steam is on Monday 9am and 9pm on the same channel.

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