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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring has begun here in Hertfordshire...The snowdrops have flowered and now the daffodils are making an appearance as well as plenty of green buds in the shrubs and trees.

We were self-sufficient in kindling for the fire this year and it looks like we've enough for next year too. The tree and shrub trimmings have given us a huge supply and a few logs of our own too. We're planning a woodland section down the bottom of the new garden when we get the new piece of land and so we should be able to keep up supplies from this part of the garden from now on.

Over the past week, the pond has been emptied in preparation for digging out the silt and liner and returning it to its natural state as well as making it a little smaller. As I've mentioned before, it was never really suitable for the Koi Carp that were in it and we're hoping for some more suitable wildlife like frogs and newts as well as continuing to provide a home for the ducks and moorhens. There was a single duck quacking angrily in the centre of the pond as the last of the water drained away...Hopefully, we'll have it back in a habitable state soon!!!

I've got a huge amount of new sounds for the studio which I'm gradually working through to see what's most usable. I also upgraded to Cubase 6.5 which has a few new tricks up its sleeve which I'm discovering as I go along.

I'm expecting some exciting news on a couple of projects soon including a feature I wrote some music for as well as a couple of TV projects.

In other news, here are couple of albums I've contributed to which have recently been released...


Chill Out Lounge Vol. 5

...and I am just putting finishing touches to two albums for Artful...More details soon.

Also, a series I wrote the music for last year has now been issued as a DVD box set. It's called Central Steam which is available HERE.

I started an Amazon eStore which has a lot of my music available which is HERE and on the sidebar over there>>>

Upcoming TX details...

Highland Emergency is showing every weekday at 7.35pm 0n 5* (and on 5*+).
Central Steam is showing every weekday as a double bill at 9am and 9.30am.
Airline USA is still playing on weekday evenings at 8pm and 8.30pm (ET) on Lifetime (LRM) in the US.
Online drama Signs Of Life can be found at Here .

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