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Thursday, May 19, 2005

On the fiddle.

The violin session went very well...Fantastic musician!!! I thought I'd have to spend a lot of time editing one of the pieces in particular as it included some very repetitive and intricate patterns, but she played it first time!!! This meant that I could deliver a CD to the dubbing suite in Shepherd's Bush at Tuesday lunchtime. I took my laptop and Oxygen 8 keyboard just in case there were any tweaks that I could do on the spot, but the dub had been moved to Friday, so there was no rush. Tx date is 18th July at 9pm on Channel 4.

I treated myself to a fine lunch at Aroma in Shepherd's Bush Green and popped into the BAFTA bar to read the FT before coming home. I also got Le Figaro to practise my French for our visit to meet our production music distributors in Paris at the beginning of June.

Today, I had a call from the director who needed a couple of tweaks due to script changes, so I'll upload them tonight for the editor to take into the dub tomorrow.

I've just got three more tracks to finish off New Homes DIY which will be on Discovery soon.

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