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Monday, July 04, 2016

New gig...

Very busy time here...I've got the job of writing music for a show which is going to be presented by one of my favourite actor/comedians exploring one of my favourite places and will be working with one of my favourite directors and one of my favourite editors. To top it all, I got the job with my favourite agent...Thanks AJA!!! :-) I'll post full details when I'm able to and the press releases go out.

So, I've been getting a bit ahead with Artful releases which has meant a lot of mastering and editing, as well as writing about 30 tracks for other publishers and a meditation album...Phew.

I've also started a 'classical' piece called Village Fête and Thunderclouds, which is my take on current times and Brexit etc... It's for large orchestra and female chorus and I might make it part of a three movement piece.

I've put some sheet music up at http://garryjudd.musicaneo.com as some people have asked to see the scores of Field Sketches and The Green Man and there is some free stuff there too. The Piano arrangement of Elegies (and Energies) is also there...This was the last score which I finessed in Sibelius and I'm now totally writing notation with Staffpad.

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