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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Shipping Forecast On Lundy

My recent post about the English Experimentalists reminded me about a piece I had secreted away in a mini Moleskine notebook. I use the notebook for general notes, but it also has a couple of complete pieces in it. One of which was a piece I wrote in 2011 on the island of Lundy which is slap in the middle of the Bristol Channel between Devon and Wales. The picture above is of the piece being written in situ. HERE are a set of photos of the piece in the notebook. As you can see, the notation is quite 'experimental' in that the string orchestra and oboe parts are notated separately which enables the piece to be notated in relatively few pages. I wanted to make an aural snapshot of the island and the beautiful but bracing clear air and skies that we were lucky to have in our time there.

This was back in 2011 before I'd become a devotee of the Herman Miller Aeron chair and I'd given myself a bad back by sitting for hours in front of the computer and mixing desk on a cheap office chair. We visited Lundy one Spring with a bunch of friends and I found I couldn't keep up with them yomping about the island, so I would find a nice vantage point over the sea, make musical notes and listen to the radio. I'm a Shipping Forecast fan and I was listening to it on BBC Radio 4 one day and realised that I was actually IN one of the places that was being mentioned in it.

I transcribed the piece more normally, so the piece runs from beginning to end with all parts in line. Here is an .mp3 share directly from StaffPad with a link to the StaffPad .pdf score.

Link to score

Link to score

Link to score

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