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Monday, April 20, 2015


Had a fantastic time in the USA meeting old and new friends in the music publishing world. I've returned to find that the garden has really taken off...Here is some cherry blossom that has come out in the past few days.

StaffPad and Surface and Sibelius.

My review of the new notation recognition software seemed to go down well...Thanks to everyone who shared and retweeted. I've also demonstrated it to several composer friends from the UK and USA. I noticed that Sibelius are promising an upgrade which will take more advantage of the Surface facilities, but I don't think this will include handwriting recognition. Stuart Pitts from the Surface team at Microsoft was kind enough to retweet and looking at his timeline reminded me that the Surface is a fully featured Windows 8 computer and will quite happily handle Sibelius too. So, one of my next projects will be to load it up and see how the workflow can be handled between the programs on the same machine.

Incidentally, I handed the Surface to my cousin who is an artist when I visited my family in Southern California last week. She thought that it was the nearest thing to real watercolour and paper that she had ever tried...This was FreshPaint which came pre-installed. The first thing on my wishlist for the Surface is that they produce one which is two or for times as big so you can set it up like drawing board...Would be great for composers, artists, architects etc... alike!!!

It's occurred to me that the Surface has accomplished something I have managed to do with my recording desk, which is to create a familiar hands on user interface which has the power of digital underneath. I'm still figuring out how to fit the Surface into the studio...It would be great if Avid (who produce Sibelius and the Artist Control series) could get the Sibelius transport (and possibly the mixer functions) to be controllable by the Artist Series hardware.


It's been pointed out to me by a fellow composer and publisher who has fitted a fully functioning studio into an RV, that the length of ping from dish to satellite makes it impossible for collaboration to take place using Cubase Connect Pro. So, time to rethink the internet collection here in Much Hadham.

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