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Friday, July 06, 2012


Another busy week at Tumbledown...
  • The new land continues to be cleared and the fence taken down between downpours.
  • We harvested our first potatoes, which were very tasty with some mint from the herb garden.
  • Parsnip wine fementing happily in its demijohn.
  • Elderflower wine about to be put into demijohns.
  • Elderflower Champagne waiting for bubbles.
In the studio we had a great vocal session with Henry and Hannah for the theme for the short film, The Boxer and I also provided some music for a BBC documentary about some female weightlifters competing for a place on the British olympic team. Very sporty!!! I also provided some music for a Greek TV commercial.

Looking forward to a vocal session at Tumbledown next week with the hip-hop and grime artist, Remson and I'll also be starting on a very interesting project for ITV1...More news of that soon.

I've written for quite a few short films recently which has been very interesting and taken me to some places I've not been to before...The London Independent Film Festival in Bermondsey the other month to see the first screening of The Limelight, which has been getting some great reviews. Last night I went to The Brickhouse in Brick Lane for part of the East End Film Festival, which was fantastic.

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