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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The beginning of a very mild new year...Here is a pic of some of our log supplies should the weather get colder!!!

We're going ahead with buying a piece of land next to the cottage...We have various ideas of what to do with it. One of the main plans is to have a woodland section where we'll store and season logs and kindling. We should be able to provide quite a lot of fuel of our own from maintainance of the various trees and shrubs we have.

Xmas was fun in the village with a pub quiz and carol singing taking place as well as some lovely times with family and friends.

So, into 2012 with a couple of interesting film, radio and TV projects on the go as well as a new Chillville release and some Artful releases bubbling along too. I'm also working on an orchestral piece, Harvest Sun (Through Combine Dust) and a string quartet version of the Hertfordshire folksong, 'John Rand.'

I've also set up a website for Tumbledown Studio, where I write and record my music which is HERE.

Plenty of shows with my music are on TV right now...I'll list a few in my next blog.

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