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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Power cuts and moles.

The herb garden is coming on nicely thanks to the recent rain!!!

I was about to start work on some music for a short film the other day, when the mains power switched off. I checked the main fusebox and all was well and then remembered that I'd had a letter through about a planned power outage which I'd put aside and forgotten about. I found the letter and it was the day of the power cut. So, after thinking myself lucky that it wasn't a couple of days later when I was expecting an editor in the studio to work on an ongoing project, I spent a pleasant morning hammering some ideas out at the steam piano.

At lunchtime, because I had nothing much to eat in the house that didn't need cooking (no mains gas here!!!), I was forced...Yes, forced to go to the village pub for lunch and a pint of Westons' Perry. It was a nice afternoon, so, using my Moleskine music notebook, I noted down some of the ideas I'd had for the film for string quartet in the garden.

The power came back on fairly soon after that, so I recorded the music part by part and was very pleased with it!!!

I bought a CPU as soon as we moved here, but the power has been very reliable. Nvertheless, I am looking into generators, just in case...Better safe than sorry!!!

Mentioning Moleskine has reminded me that we have some new arrivals in the garden, the new batch of moorhen chicks and a mole who has started throwing up some molehills under the shrubbery. Molehills are good for collecting and using to grow seedlings in.

There you go...There probably not many blogs that mention music composition and gardening tips in one post!!!

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