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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I've done a fair few miles around the UK recently. First to Wales for a family birthday via Thornbury Castle near Bristol. Very nice hotel...Henry VII and Anne Boleyn stayed there once, but I went through all the drawers and I coudn't find anything they'd left behind. Rather like Henry VIII too, I coudn't
get the modem working, so I had to tether the computer to the Blackberry to get online.

No chance of that where we stayed in Wales which was incredibly remote...Amazing countryside. We went through Brecon.

Our journey home took us right past the Elgar Birthplace Museum near Worcester which was very inspiring. We thought that the old boy himself had put in an appearance when a lady let out a shrill scream, but she'd actually only got her stilletto heel stuck between the floorboards!!!

Here he is conducting one of his top tunes...

Elgar Birthplace Museum website

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