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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After a day of meetings in London yesterday, had a great day today knuckling down to compose some pieces for the next Artful release and a couple of solo Artful disks for release later this year. I'll be taking these with me (as well as my Sibelius scoring set up) for editing during breaks in next weeks recording session.

This session is really exciting!!! Artful has recently been lucky to publish and release music by some of the best rock and Jazz musicians and composers...Now, we're about to record one of the worlds best classical musicians for release on an Artful disk. I'd rather keep who this is under my hat until the music is at least in post production, but I can say that this person has received many international awards and honours and is world renowned for musicianship and scolarship.

We're booked into a beautiful recording studio which is hidden away in the east of England countryside and I'm looking forward to an inspirational time.

As you can see from the sidebar, there are plenty of TV repeats containing my music and there are signs of a new commission coming soon.

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