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Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Hottest Place On Earth - BBC1

"It's one of the most extreme regions on the planet, where daily high temperatures reach 60°C and the land is torn apart by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The Danakil desert in Northern Ethiopia is home to the nomadic Afar people – reputedly one of the toughest tribes in Africa. The area also happens to be a disputed border zone with Eritrea .

The Hottest Place on Earth is a major two x one-hour BBC / Discovery co-production produced by Lion TV. Presented by Kate Humble with vet Steve Leonard, and geologist Dougal Jerram, the programme investigates how people, animal and plant life manage to live in such a hostile environment."

Showing on BBC1 on Thursday 19th March and Thursday 26th March at 9pm.

All music by ME!!!


Dan Dan The Bus Driver Man said...

Oh my god I get bent if I have to walk 4 blocks to the 7-11. This place is too hard for a bus driver like me

Garry Judd said...

Haha...Well, I just sit here in a comfy studio while they go off and film in the desert!!! :-)