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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Originally uploaded by garry.judd

Here's a pic taken in Potsdamer Platz on my trip to POPKOMM.

I met (amongst others) our new German sub-publisher and our sub-publisher in the Baltic countries.


michał said...

Helloo Garry !!!!
I'm Michael and Im from POLAND.
I need your help :)

In the program Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation: Get Glamourous! I heard the song. In the middle of the fly in the background music on the violin. You can tell me what that piece?
I heard same composition with female vocals in radio. .
Please help me !!!!!!!!!

PS.pity that in Poland I can not buy your CDs:(:( your music is awesome!!!!!!!!

PS2. I apologize for my english:))))

Discovery Sound said...

Hi Gary,

Nice blog. Be checking back regularly and leave a link to your blog from mine.


Garry Judd said...

Hello Michal,

Thanks for your kind comment!!! :-)

They use some commercial music in Trinny And Susannah...I don't remember the pieces you mention, so I guess they are from a CD by another artist...Sorry, I can't help with that.

My music is available from www.chillvillemusic.com but please listen first because it may not be the style of music you like!!!

Thanks again and your English is fantastic...Certainly better than my Polish!!!

Dzień Dobry!!!


Thanks also Stephen,

Looking forward to using your beautiful samples in my music!!!

All the best,


michał said...

Hey Garry !
Thanks for your answer:)

I listened to all your work from www.chillvillemusic.com and I think your compositions are wonderful !!!!!

My favorite composers: Kenji Kawai, Yoko Kanno, Nobuo Uematsu, Michael Andrews and from several days Garry Judd :):):)

Dzień dobry - you write correctly but I'm curious how you articulate this words :):):):):)
Try something more difficult:

Szedł Sasza suchą szosą susząc sobie szorty :)

michał said...

Ahh I have forgotten about Joe Hisaishi !! I like his music too :)

Garry Judd said...

Hello Michal,

My Polish neighbour taught me to say dzień dobry, butI will leave the more difficult stuff to the experts !!! :-)

Thanks again for the king words and I will check out the other composers you mention.

All the best,