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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Starting work on new C5 show

Just starting work on a mountain rescue show for Channel 5. It's a 30x30 minute show and is being made by LWT factual for C5.


"Bergtrage" said...

Please keep the rest of us informed of this new show.
Seattle Mtn Rescue

Garry Judd said...

Hello Art,

The show is based in Scotland and is due to be shown in the UK later this year.

I'll keep you posted with info as I get it

All the best,


dogjames said...

Is is factual following a Scottish Mountain Rescue Team or is it a drama?

Keep us informed when it will be shown.


Garry Judd said...

Hello James,

It's factual.

I believe its going to be on in the Autumn, but I'll post when I get a firm date.

All the best,


Garry Judd said...

Highland Emergency will begin its 30x30 minute run on Channel 5 in the UK on Tuesday 5th August 2008...That's next week!!!